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How to focus element with edit dialog / change element attribute while creation

My goal is to set parameters to a newly created element. I can't influence the process that runs if the element is added by the "ADD" dialog.

So my idea was to use .on("elementAdded",..) trigger to set the parameters directly after creation, which is working. But the "EDIT" dialog then still shows the general settings for (in my case ) the available colors selection, which might have been changed by the user outside FPD.

The solution I'm thinking of currently would be to change element's parameters, close the dialog via API-Call "closeDialog()" and then focus the element again in "Edit" mode - so how can I do that?

Or is there a better solution?




Solved it myself. Pretty simple, but after hanging on it yesterday and not finding a solution this morning, I started this topic. 

For whom it might interest, I just used .getStage().setActiveObject() - live can be easy..

Hey Felix . . . apologize for presumption, but rather than start new thread I thought I might ask you . . .  

I'm trying to do something that may or may not be related . . . I'm trying to: after an element has been added to stage, and user clicks on it (to drag it around), for the Edit Element dialog box to NOT show up. Client doesn't want user to be able to do any editing - only dragging. I'm looking through the jquery.fancyProductDesgner.js to find a way to deactivate this one function, but leave all other dialog box functions intact. Might you know off the top of your head?

Zac i would like the same thing, seems the developer is strangely quiet lately


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