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Few bugs when coming from the cart


First of all: great plugin!

I did encounter some bugs though:

1: When I add a product to the cart and want to go from the cartpage back my designed product, the product is 'fresh' when you click on the thumbnail. When you click on the text-title of the product next to the thumbnail, you'll go to your designed product like normal. So, I guess the thumbnail om the cart-page goes to something different then the text-title next to it?

2: When I use the lightbox feature, I also have problems when I come from the cart-page. On the cart-page when I click on the thumbnail, I go to a new frsh product instead of my own (just like the previous bug). However, when I click on the thumbnail, I go to my own deisnged product, but the image on the productpage is empty (just white space). The designed product in the lightbox is fine though.

Any idea if this can be fixed? 


Sorry if this isn't the right place, but the supprt-team is on vacation..

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