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Export PDF with Custom Fields of WooCommerce-Product

Hi guys,

we are desperately trying to get an pdf-export working. We need several custom fields and the two canvas-views in one PDF.

Is there any way to get this working? 

If you need more Information please let me know.

When you make a export in pdf you get just a image? Without fonts?


Hi, The Canvas is exporter correctly when using the built-in export function. But is there a way of exporting the canvas and some CustomFields created in the WooCommerce product page? Thanks
Canvas is just an image?
The Canvas can have several layers. Images, texts, etc.

I think I know now what you mean. The FPD creates an image.jpg of each canvas (e.g. front / back) which is put into a PDF.

In Addition to that we want to render some ACF-Custom-Fields inside a PDF, so you have a PDF with 3 pages.

Answer Pdf as image is useless. In pdf must be fonts in curves.
As for your problem i would recommend you to find another plugin that can create pdf from orders with custom fields. I dont think that developer of this plugin will make this function.


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