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Product doesn't add to cart when adding too many Facebook images

Hello all -

I'm having a problem where if the user uploads too many images through Facebook, the add to cart button just resets the fancy product designer. I do not have this problem when the user uploads from their computer or only uses Facebook for a few images. Any advice?

I can test it too. At which number problem appear?

Thanks, alexus! There doesn't seem to be a specific number, but I think it's between 10 and 14. I have successfully added 12, but it is not consistent. The website is www.vibute.com

Product with 12 images: http://vibute.com/index.php/product/white-cottage/

Product with 14 images: http://vibute.com/index.php/product/cozy-barn/

Also, don't bother testing Instagram, it gives an error that I haven't figured out yet.

Thanks, alexus! I think my reply got caught in a filter. I don't know the exact number, but it seems to be between 10-14. The website is vibute dot com

Cant test it now. I get error: "Not found" when try to add photo from facebook


Its in my website


Ok i resolved my problem and tested with 14 images from facebook. All work fine, product was added to cart. Do you tryed to disable another plugins it can be conflict.


Thanks for testing! I will try that now.

Answer And maybe this can help you http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000582917-increasing-php-ini-directives-to-send-large-amount-of-data-on-your-server


Sorry, that was the original comment I sent that got caught in the filter.

I tried disabling any plugins that might conflict and I adjust my php.ini settings but I'm still encountering the problem. I was having the same problem before with locally uploaded images when I had FPD set to "Filereader Uploader." When I switched to "PHP Uploader" it fixed the problem. I'm assuming that the Facebook method uses a Javascript method similar to "Filereader Uploader." Is there a Javascript specific settings regarding upload sizes that I could try increasing? Or something else, perhaps?

I think you need to create a ticket. I think this problem should be resolved by him


It looks like he is on vacation for 3 weeks :(

having the same issue..

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