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price on basis of zooming

hi there

is it possible to change the price of logo,text or image on the basis of height and width. if yes please explain it.


It's not possible #Gagan SainiJust let the client design it how they want then have a variation on your product page for print sizes that way you won't have your customer saying "I thought it was going to be bigger then that" and it leading to arguments do prices & sizes separately outside of the Fancy Product designer then your customer knows what size they getting & what they paying.


Agree! The best solution will be to add size of print to variations


when its available for update

its not related to this plugin, its related to woocommerce


how woo-commerce will handle the zooming

you dont understand english? Read Adam post.


yes i dont have great understanding of english

but why you talking that why. is this the procedure to provide support...

thanks for reply to me.

I understand English very well... To answer your question again, no you cannot alter/change/amend price based on zooming in & out this will not be relative to print. If its about how big you want the design to be then as I said add a variation for print size for prices.

Let the customer design the product how they want it to look then ask them to select which size they want it printing, which will change the price based on the size they select. If you do not understand what am saying I suggest you seek help from someone with a design/web background for your website.

Out of interest what is the product you are wanting to sell.


Answer Gagan this is forum of users of FPD. Developer of FPD make support by tickets. But you problem is related to customization or feature request.


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