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Editor moving layers after saving + frontend & backend editors not aligning

I recall someone else posting this about two weeks ago in the forums, but I can't find the thread.

It will behave like this 3-5 times before actually saving it correctly...


Even after I finally get it to save my adjustments, it's still doing this on the frontend...


Opened a ticket about this 2 weeks ago and was advised he was going on vacation. Upon his return I was told he doesn't have time to look at it and was going on vacation again.

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Still remains unresolved. I've had this plugin nearly a year and still don't have a functioning website due to all the bugs.

Remains unresolved. Also found someone else with the same issue who posted on the comments of Code Canyon...


This is a truly annoying bug but I've found a workaround that at least lets me live with it. When a layer moves out of position after I save layers, I change the x or y position by 1 px and save again. This consistently moves the layer back to the proper position. That 1 px adjustment usually isn't important to my design but if it is I can change it back to the original position and when I save again it holds it's position.

Hoping the bug gets squashed soon but at least this workaround has allowed me to move forward toward completing my site.

Unfortunately that doesn't fix this...

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