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I really cant understand how you guys using designer without restriction for users to scale images. For now user can add logo 100x100 px and scale it to 700x700px and he will see not blury image, will pay for it, but its not printable. Two mega important features:
1. When user upload picture it must scale correct. For now ALL uploaded images resized to one height and weight. Its means when we uploading 900x900px and 100x100px images designer will resize them to 300x300px. But in this way user cant see is his image have good or bad quality.
2. There is must be restriction to scale image more than 1.5x for example.

How Minimum Allowed DPI works??? For me nothing changes when i set 300 or even 900. Users can upload any image.

I understand what your saying as I print large prints myself and it doesn't give the buyer an indication of print quality with the small project window. I think this plugins only good for smaller items. I suppose you could limit the file size though to a minimum upload size of say 3-4mb then it will give buyer an indication there photo is acceptable you can also limit the DPI of uploaded images but am not having much luck with this setting at the moment which am hoping to resolve asap. Then you could just retrieve the image on your server. I print large canvases/framed prints myself but I use a basic upload field for those items during checkout (separate plugin).


Your idea with restriction to upload files with size less then 3-4 mb is not for products with lots of elements. For example a4 flayer where elements can be: logo, photo and etc. In thise template logo will be always small image so we cant restrict to upload files less then 3-4 mb. Your idea is good when user upload his own design. Full a4 size design. Thats what i wrote to Rafael (developer of this FPD)

Rafael, i found this in docs http://jsdoc.fancyproductdesigner.com/FancyProductDesigner.html#getScalingByDimesions

I think it can resolve problem with high quality images. Need to make this in individual settings of product. And when user add image it must be scale correct according to canvas size (resize image by default is very bad idea).


A4 in 300 dpi = 2480x3508px. We set getScalingByDimensions to 5 in individual options. Product will be 496x701px (2480/5=496, 3508/5=701.6). When user add image it need to be scale too.

Wow, wow! Guys why nobody talk about SCALE OPTION when we export design of customer? I am testing it and will make a review


Answer yeah the export DPI feature is excellent. Problem is like you said it depends on what the customer uploads. If the customer uploads a 100x100px photo it will remain this quality even scaled. However its great for exporting to original DPI for printout.


Not bad http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/5000045385


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