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Few scale and containment issues

 1) The scale option is very 'clunky' is there anyway to make the sliders 0 point in the middle of the bar because right now its difficult to scale an image well, also can you control how much +/- percent users can scale a image, ie. from -80% to +80%


2) Is there any way of stopping the 'Move it in his containment' error? the only way i've found is to make the upload zone image really big which isn't ideal

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I too have this issue and have found where to change the logic in the coding, but am waiting for a response before I spend an entire day tinkering.  Check out my customizations.  


Hii Jeremiah

I set up my scale is very bad.

I also share the screen size of the picture I requested pictures.

Scala also my values.

What can I do for you?

I would like you to help.

What should I set?

Proper adjustment section FPD / settings page where?

a example video sharing.

I've shared a sample video.

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