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Image resolution

Hi there,

I'm using the fancy product designer to design pillows with the fabric the customer selects individually which works fine.

The problem I have is that the picture resolution becomes really bad when saved as pdf/printed by the customer.

The resolution of the single fabric pictures ist selected so it fits on the sample pillow (pretty small).

Is there a way to get a higher resolution/better picture quality for the customer?

Here is a link to the site (test version, not finished yet): http://trueffelchenundco.die-mediengestalterin.de/produkt/test-konfigurator-1/

Thanks a lot in advance for you help!

Hallo @Stephanie
schau hier rein :)


I'm going to have this problem as I am developing a site for people to upload high resolution images for me to print.  Haven't got to to the testing part yet but since design is not a big part of my product i.e. it is just the printing of the image with a large format printer, providing I can get the file that has been sent I will be all right.  Will I have a problem with this?



Looks like in the latest version you can set a minimum DPI for uploaded images :)

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