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Integration with WooCommerce colour variations

Hello, great looking plugin!

I want to add the Fancy Product Designer (FPD) designer to my woocommerce store to allow customers to add logos and text etc to the blank tshirts I sell but I am having a problem.

Currently I have the individual T-shirt types set up into the different colours and sizes using the variations tab within woocommerce and even use the swatches extension so a customer can view what each colour looks like before they buy.

I have also set up the Fancy Product Designer with a green coloured tshirt for the image used by the FPD when a customer is adding images/text to it.

At the moment the customer selects the colour of the tshirt they want and the quantity and clicks add to cart. Then they would use the FPD to make any changes to the Tshirt including changing the colour from this default green colour.

Is there any way I can configure this plugin so that this default tshirt colour changes if the customer has selected a different colour variation from the product page?

Hope this all makes sense.



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Yep it would be awesome to integrait it with http://www.woothemes.com/products/variation-swatches-and-photos/ and others plugins that similar to MPC


I have somethings similar.  It makes complete sense to me.  Check out my page to see what my workaround is.  


Currently I just place in a small font above the steps to explain that the black disc will be added to order, even though they won't see it in the designer. 


You can use my other plugin for it: Multistep Product Configurator, which is compatible with FPD.

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