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Fancy Product Designer & Multistep Product Configurator


Which licence do i purchase?

I am struggling to understand the difference between the Regular and Extended version, even with the FAQ page of codecanyon. 

If i want to add multiple products (flyers, posters, cards) and subsequently sell them to the customers which one do i need?



The regular is fine for that.

Hello, I have similar question. I am creating e-shop for myself to sell clothes with various designs. Is the regular licence for  Fancy Product Designer ok? And one more question... Can the Fancy Product Designer be in Czech language for my customers? Thank you, Věra

@Vera Yes to both.

Hi,  I am about to buy this plugin.  I run a wordpress site with woocommerce installed.  I happen to be using the Woocommerce Storefront theme with a little home made customisation - but may wish to change themes soon to a richer looking theme.  I want to be able to customise my single product page (for the training courses we sell) and I also want to be able to create a multistep gift card product page.  Do I need to buy 'Fancy Product Design - Wordpress'  plus the 'Multistep Product Configurator' ?  My website is www.lacockphotography.com Thanks  Andy

Hello, I am planning to integrate fancy product designer jQuery plugin in my magento store. Could you please tell if this plugin is dependent on any API calls to your server?
And when we purchase this plugin how this will authenticate our license copy? Do we need to renew this license or its for one time payment? Is there any user guide available on how to integrate this plugin with magneto store?



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