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Unable to ADD new text


Whenever I try to ADD a new text a by clicking "ADD YOUR OWN TEXT" it only adds first character of the text. i.e if i try to add HELLO. It only adds H.

Later when we click on that H and try to edit it to add the missing part it refuses to let us write more except the first character H. It seems some kind of validation which intentionally stops you add more characters.

Working fine with existing "Enter your own text.". We are able to edit it but unable to add any other additional text. Screenshot included.


Please advise if we have enabled any validation.

Thanks in advance


Same for me. Any help out there?


I got the same problem! Got any solution to solve this?


Solved it for me - go to Fancy Product Designer -> Settings -> Default Element Options -> Custom Text Options -> Max Characters and set it to a high number. The default option "0" for unlimited characters seems not to work.

Did this work for you also?

Hi, this did not work. Any other clues?

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