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Change featured image to fancy product designer image not working.

Im currently working on a tshirt business website, when using the oxygen theme with fancy product designer it used to work perfect. But since ive updated to the latest version of fancy product designer, for some reason when you click done...the image stays as the featured image and not the one created on fancy product designer, has code been changed or something....please please please someone check it out for me or point me in the right direction.

example product

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Barney. I see you have sorted this. How did you fix it?


I believe I had to change the link, as the updated version of fpd changed the name of elements used within the theme itself, it was a gd few months ago but finally got it sorted, do you need a hand yourself with the same problem?
Hi Barny,
thanks for your quick reply. Yes I would like to get it sorted and don't now where to change the link. Was it part of the theme that has to be linked to?


Send me a link if you can to your fpd page, I'll debug on my Firefox and try find it for you, yes I'm pretty sure the file I edited was in the themes, was a while ago but from what I recall it shows its linked to an image instead of fpd, check my page source if need be and compare the code with yours, you may see the difference straight away, the tshirt site I help out in my spare time so ain't developed it much lately due to other things going on
Hi. I compared your code to mine in word comparisonn check but couldn't really find anything conclusive. I have attached the files here if you have time to take a look. That would be great.
Thanks very much.


I should have a few spare hours this afternoon, I'll have a proper look for you then Jo, can't atm as im currently on mobile
Ok thanks Barny. Any help would be appreciated.



Sorry I tried to look at your site but its restricted due to password etc so I couldn't re-find the problem as I did solve it quite a while back. What I done for you is uploaded my source files for you to download of the theme, that way just upload it and it should work for you then,

Any problems email me direct - Email

Thanks Barny

oxygen.rar oxygen.rar
9.92 MB
Answer I found the prblem. It was the woothumbs image display plugin mucking things up. So I disabled it. It was stopping the designed image from appearing in place of the original image.
Thanks for your help!


Hi there guys. I', stucked in the same problem. When I customize a product, it appears on the checkout...but it does not replace the "featured product image" that would be what I am looking for. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks. 

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