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Initializing Product Designer

Please help.

Just bought the plug in and have only loaded the demos onto my Wordpress site.

Nothing fancy, just the existing stuff.  Used the short code to get it on my page.

Form works great, but the Product Designer, just shows it "stuck" in the loading stage.

It never actually appears.

The email I got for my support ticket shows the designer is on holidays till the 28th of April, so hoping someone can help.

Please help.

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Hello! did you sort this? Stuck here myself!

Nope, sorry.  I heard from the designer and he said to resubmit my ticket as he was on leave.

If it gets sorted, I'll let you know too.

I am having a similar issue on tablets works fine on desktop and android bu specifically the Apple Ipad's, I just get the initializing designer loading gif. Not quite sure what the issue is to be honest, security setting on ipad or what I've checked everything.


I heard back from the designer and he says it's a problem with some old jquery code in my theme in wordpress. So it's not something he can help with.....

As I had a custom theme made, i'm likely screwed and will have to get a new theme if I want to use the fancy system.

Good luck.

I'm also having this issue, only on Safari on iPhone (Chrome seems to work fine). However, I had a customer tell me this is happening in all browsers on his Mac.

I think this is an issue with the plugin. If you open up Safari on an iPhone and go to one of their product demos, the product designer never loads: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/t-shirt/


I detect the issue now as well and have a fix for it which I am going to upload tomorrow.


The Product Designer does not display in Safari/iOS when you browsing in private mode, because the local browser storage is not supported in private mode in Apple browsers.

I updated my script so its also working in private mode. BUT your customers are not able to save the product in the browser via the right/top icon when they are using the private browsing mode.

I also had this issue.  Does this mean I will need to update?  I have customized the css of the UI quite a bit and would be a shame to lose it when I update.  

just copy CSS to text file for safe keeping. However it won't remove custom css,fonts,patterns or other settings when updating. If you've modified the template php files then It will yes.


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