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Creating Masks/Clipping

I'm trying to set a custom product for socks. I have a png file created as the template for the socks. I want the customer to be able to upload their own image and fill the whole area for the sock but hide the overflow. I haven't been able to figure this out. Either the upload image is appearing on top or it's uploaded and hidden behind the template which is a png which should make the sock area transparent.  Is there a way to do this with this plugin or do I have to use css? Am I setting the my template file in the wrong format?



I think I figured it out.

how did you solve the problem? I can't figure out this



 Found the solution:

  • Global settings, go to wp-admin/admin.php?page=fpd_settings&tab=default_element_options
    -Select "Use another element as bounding box?"
    -Choose your bounding box (Base, Mask, etc) "Bounding Box Target"
    -Select "Bounding Box Clipping"
  • Individual product settings
    -FPD Integration
    -Right-top corner click "individual Product Settings"
    -Tab "Image Options
    -Select on of the 3 options on "Bounding Box"

Kind of disappointed about the documentation on the plugin

Yes I figured it out. I used a file that I created a clipping path for the product and made that area transparent. I think I did the same things you did. Once I adjusted the layers it worked.

I agree, they need more documentation with this product.

I still don't understand this completely. Can anyone help me doing this for phone-cases?

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