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Uploading images

 I want to make personalised products.How does a client upload their photo up onto the product?

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Hey John,

The process for getting FPD installed is easy, though the settings are kind of convoluded.  There are some support videos where you can watch them create a product, or better yet, you can upload one of their sample products and play with the settings to see what the settings do.  took me many days worth of work to get the whole things down.  Now I have this and I am very proud of it. 


Loving your CSS tweaks to the UI #Jeremiah Very nice and clean. 


We have launched our site, and thanks for Radykal and their attention to detail and upgrading (kudos guys for all the hard work) it is working well.  I am still trying to test out integrating multistage product builder plugin from Radykal, but the problem we have is most orders are online, and the tabs are almost always off screen so you choose your color disc, then choose your insert and must scroll between each time changing the insert to see what it looks like.  Would be nice to have a slider option within the stage where you can scroll through with a little thumbnail slider within the view pane and even have some arrows left and right to just arrow through the choices instead of clicking.  

Don't forget, if you change the CSS, do it in your main style sheet.  I did it in the FPD files, and it was a) incredibly difficult to wade through, and b) will get removed when updating.  So save yourself the headache and edit CSS sit wide for the fpd classes.




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