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  • Completely redesigned and structured, so its working better on mobile devices
  • Facebook and Instagram images are added via addCustomImage() so the customImageParameters are also used for these images
  • You can set custom options for every view. That allows e.g. to set different prices for uploaded images depending on the selected view
  • Improved zoom functionality 
  • New Option replaceInitialElements: when changing a product, replace the base product so custom add texts images will not be removed
  • Choose from different shadows for the main container
  • You are able to define the media types that can be added into a view or upload zone
  • New parameter filter, filters. Allows to set a filter for an image and enable 3 different filter options
  • Lazy Load for Products & Designs
  • ....

Please view the JSDOC. Some option keys have been changed. 

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