How to display color for customer text input

Posted about 1 month ago by Frank E

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Frank E

Your plugin really is great, BUT i am missing the possability to give customers a easy way to change font color when entering text. In default mode the customer has to click "back" on the text input tab to be able to change textcolor. This is so hidden that many customers dont understand how to change fontcolor..

On your main homepage you show a screenshot of FPD showing fontcolor embeded into left UI design (See my attached screenshot) - How is it possible to achive this design so customers have an easy way to see where to change font colors?

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted about 1 month ago

To display colours like the shared screenshot, simply enable or add a "Text Layer" module from the FPD UI composer. It will allow users to directly select the colour they want instead of clicking a default colour. 

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