Adding an image to a shape or "Photo Frame" in FPD

Posted 24 days ago by Thomas Kleppinger

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Thomas Kleppinger

Good Day,

I have a question about adding a photo to a shape in FPD. I have researched this for a while now and can't find an answer that fits my specific question or application.

There are tutorials about adding photos to a picture frame. Meaning a rectangular picture frame, the type you see hanging on the wall in a house or office but this is not the what I am referring to in my question here. I have seen tutorials on adding a mask in the form of a shape to a photo but but I can't be certain if these features include the ability to perform the task that I describe here.

The same words seem to apply to different applications of the term "photo frame" in graphic design. I have seen the references to Upload Zones and image masks but I can't tell if these features include the capability to do what I demonstrate here. 

Here is a link to a video I made using another design application. It is the best way to explain what I am asking.:

Here are a few screenshots just in case you can't access the video.

1. Add a "Photo Frame" to the canvas.

2. Add a photo to the frame.

3. The frame now contains the photo in the shape of the frame.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible in FPD to add a photo to a frame as it is demonstrated here? I would like my customers to be able to do this in the designer on my website.

Thank you for any help you can give me in understanding if this is possible or not.



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Thomas Kleppinger posted 22 days ago

Yes some testing is needed. I will set up a staging area for my website to do some testing. I am currently using another product designer in my online store. I'm not happy with it and am evaluating FPD to see if it meets my needs. 

With keeping the website running smoothly and managing the store there is not much time for testing. The idea in posting here was to find someone who has worked with this function and could share their method for doing something like this. But you are right, there is no substitute for testing it out yourself. 

So that is the direction I'm headed. I'll post my results when I have something to report. Thank you FPD Helper for your input. Meanwhile, if someone reads this post who has managed to place an image in a shape using FPD it would be great to hear how you did it.

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 23 days ago

Technically speaking after following the above technique, you will get something similar you looking for. Furthermore, you can test it!  

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Thomas Kleppinger posted 23 days ago

Thanks FPD Helper for your suggestion. I will work on your suggestion. Meanwhile, I would like to ask for further comment on the following.

It seems that these tutorials: 

"Using an SVG image as a mask for a view", here:,click%20on%20the%20image%20icon.

And, "Using an overlay as mask", here:

Are very close to the operation that I demonstrated above. Can anyone tell me if either of these two masking techniques can be used in the manner described above? Perhaps there are work-a-rounds to accomplish the task using one of these masking techniques. 

Anyone have an insight on this?

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 23 days ago

Apparently, it's not possible with FPD's default settings. But the only solution is to create masks for different shapes and use the product swap feature to display frames like in the video you shared. 

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