Choose which text-layers are displayed with the shortcode

Posted 28 days ago by Jimmy Rochat

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Jimmy Rochat

Hi !

 I would like to display the fields to modify the text on my product with [fpd_module type="text-layers"], but I do not want to display all the text fields, only some, is it possible to select those which will be displayed? Or display just one?




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Jimmy Rochat posted 26 days ago

Thanks, but i want can edit all of my 3 text, but display the field separely (in my exemple, Prénom : only field Prénom and font change).

I have try display : none with CSS but it doesn't work.

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 26 days ago

In the FPD product builder disable the "Text Editable" option for the relevant layer. 

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