Font larger than 200 in FPD for Shopify?

Posted 4 months ago by R Dunn

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R Dunn

In the settings, I have the maximum font set to 1,000. However, in the product builder, the maximum font size is 200. Even when I key in a larger font, it reverts to 200.

Is this a bug, or a limitation with Shopify? 

I need to be able to print in higher resolution, so fonts greater than 200 are a requirement.

I've also noticed the 'default font size' setting is not working. I have it set to 90, but it automatically sets it 18 every time, which was the original default. 

I've been using FPD on woocommerce, but I'm building up two Shopify stores, and they both are having these apparent bugs. 

Anyone having similar issues? Can someone please assist? 

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R Dunn posted 4 months ago

I do see that the larger fonts work in the FPD shopify demo store, so now I'm wondering if it's something with my themes, or a setting that I am overlooking.  However, I have two separate shopify stores I'm adding FDP to, with different themes, and they both the issues. 

For reference, here are two product examples, one from each store.

I've also attached my settings for reference.

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