problem with the definition of the price rule for coverage

Posted 7 months ago by jara

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problem with the definition of the price rule for coverage

Hello, can someone advise me how to properly set the price rule for calculating the price when using the coverage method.

bounding box setting approx. 285x420mm

T-shirt price: 150 (for all colors and sizes)

I will set a price rule:

name: price occupancy % area

property: coverage

match: any


1. equal - 0 - 0

2. Less than or equal - 25 - 80

3. Less than or equal - 50 - 140

4. Less than or equal - 75 - 220

5. Less than or equal - 100 - 280

the problem is that if I enter a price rule in FPD for a product such as a T-shirt that has a front and a back, the price is calculated as the sum of everything, but no image is inserted yet. i.e. that the bounded area for printing does not yet contain any image. it simply calculates 150+280+280 before inserting the image/text = the basic price is 710. When I insert the image, it doesn't add anything.

can you please advise me where we have set something wrong. Thank you

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jara posted about 2 months ago

hello after a long time. Since it is claimed that the coverage works, I started to look more closely.

the result is as follows:

everything I described last time is still the same. No change and it still calculated either the maximum price for 100% or it didn't work at all.

Until yesterday when I found out why it doesn't work.

I found that the problem is with the product. That is, the product contains the image of the product and the bounded space printerbox or boundingbox. As soon as the product contains an image, the price is calculated as 100% coverage, because the entire area of the printerbox or boundingbox is de facto filled to 100% with the image of the product. As a result, coverage calculation cannot and does not work.

Question to the creator: How to make the product image visible so that the printerbox or boundingbox can be set and the price rule can be calculated correctly.

If an image of a T-shirt, for example, can be removed from the product, and the background is clean + the printerbox is defined, the price rule coverage works.

please advise or solve how to set it up correctly.

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jara posted 5 months ago

hello, I set it up that way and I have to say that it still behaves the same. Either it doesn't count at all or it adds up all the prizes in the rules.

I am attaching pictures of the settings. I have limit-modification as a type of space limitation, but I've also tried others (clipping, inside). Can someone advise me what could be wrong. Or someone show me the settings for Coverage. Thanks in advance.

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 7 months ago

With these rules, the base price is 150, and additional charges are added based on the coverage percentage. Make sure to test these rules to ensure they are working as expected with the Fancy Product Designer. Adjust the values as needed to match your pricing strategy. 

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 7 months ago

Given that you want a base price of 150 for the T-shirt and additional charges based on the coverage percentage, you may need to tweak your rules. Here's a suggested adjustment:

Name: Price Occupancy % Area

Property: Coverage

Match: Any


1. Equal - 0 - 0

2. Less than or equal - 25 - 0 (No additional charge for the first 25% coverage)

3. Less than or equal - 50 - 30 (Additional charge of 30 for coverage between 25% and 50%)

4. Less than or equal - 75 - 80 (Additional charge of 50 for coverage between 50% and 75%)

5. Less than or equal - 100 - 150 (Additional charge of 70 for coverage between 75% and 100%)

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