Compatibility Fancy Product Designer + Elementor & WooCommerce

Posted 7 months ago by Dejan van den Brink

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Dejan van den Brink

Dear Fancy Product Designer,

Mentioned this major issue using Elmementor setup up checkout thumbnail load issue in a support ticket. You suggested to set up a feature requests. Though we will lot be able to wait a long time for this patch we do hope this will speed things up and not make it necessary to use another plugin for clothing setups so it works well with Elementor. 

Here what I wrote before:

Elementor has mentioned that WooCommerce checkout does not load thumbnail due to use Fancy Product Designer and that they cannot support issues with third party vendors:
Thank you for contacting us.
According to your described issue, while troubleshooting, I disabled the Fancy Product Designer plugin after which the issue disappeared. Please refer to the screencast here:
In this case, as we have no control over coding for third-party themes or plugins, we highly recommend that you report this issue to the support team for this plugin so they may further troubleshoot and provide any recommendations (or possible fixes) to resolve this issue.
For more information about our support scope: What don’t we support?
For now, I am closing this ticket. Please don't hesitate to create a new ticket from your Account if a new issue arises. If you still have any questions or issues related to the current ticket, simply reply back to this email thread and it will get reopened.
Thank You!
Best Regards,
Sneha Omer
We need Elementor as it is one of the best page builders out there used by millions . And I am sure many Fancy Product Designer customers use this particular page builder also.

So we do hope you are willing to work on this and get it to work with us. We cannot drop Elementor nor can we drop Fancy Product Designer which we have worked on to make work for months now. We have set up a staging website as you know so we can test there. 

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Nicolas posted 4 months ago

We have the same question here

We also use Elementor and need to make sure Fancy product designer is compatible with Elementor

Elementor is used by 16M websites in the world by the way :)


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Monica Fernandez posted 7 months ago

Seems that i'm facing something related to lates update and elementor into car pricing 

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