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Posted 13 days ago by Artur Nawrot

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Artur Nawrot

We are unable to insert .pdf images to the FPD editor in the Product Builder. The issue only occurs with .pdf files. Other formats such .png or .jpg work fine. The issue occurs on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. On Safari the issue does not occur.

What I mean by "upload" is that the pdf files are not properly handled by all browsers except Safari. The file is actually uploaded to the server without any problems on all browsers. The problem is that Chrome and Firefox interpret javascript in a different way from Safari, and most likely FPD uses some javascript API method for pdf handling that is only supported on Safari.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
- Get access to demo admin at
- Go to "Product Builder" (Fancy Product Designer -> Product Builder)
- Click "Images" button and upload any pdf file (for example try this)

- If you are on Safari then everything will work without problems. If you use Chrome or Firefox then the circle loading icon will spin around indefinitely and the FPD editor will be frozen until you refresh the page.

I know react.js and If you are willing to share the code of the Product Builder with me, then I'm willing to fix this issue for free. It will benefit everyone.

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rady kal

rady kal posted 4 days ago Admin

I already explained in the private ticket, that this is not possible. We are using the built-in wp media library to access users images and here you can select only images to use in the product. Fabricjs does not support pdfs. Maybe there is a plugin for wp media library that converts a pdf into images.

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