Missing "load in Order View" for some products in same order

Posted 7 months ago by Costea Andrea Mihai

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Costea Andrea Mihai

Hello everyone,

Since update to vers. 6 I have a curious problem. Every time I have an order with multiple products, at least one product is missing the personalization.

It's so strange that I have no idea where to start. I already checked conflicts with other plugins and found none. I'll check other theme too.

If anyone faced something similar or have an idea, it will be really useful.

Many thanks to everybody!

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 7 months ago Best Answer

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AN posted 7 months ago

Same problem here, orders are missing personalization and "Load in Order Viewer" Button. I am still on Version 4.8.3. No conflicting Plugins.

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 7 months ago Answer

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