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Posted 8 months ago by Dawid Konieczny

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Dawid Konieczny

Is it possible to et it like in previous version? When I click font, I would like to see it on the left side in nav menu...

and second, is it possible to choose group colors and change it in SVG sile? Ive got 10 elements in the same color but I need to change every single for now.

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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted 8 months ago

Hello Konieczny, 

Yes, it's possible! What you need to do is set the toolbar placement to the sidebar in the FPD UI composer. And what you have mentioned in the second question isn't possible at the moment. But if you want to give us any further suggestions in FPD features you can submit your recommendation in the link given below. 


Submit Feature Requests Here

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