Integrating Gravity Form with Fancy Product Designer

Posted 9 months ago by Himel Hasan

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Himel Hasan
Himel Hasan

Hello fellow Fancy Product Designer enthusiasts,

We hope you're all doing well. We are currently facing an issue while integrating Gravity Form with Fancy Product Designer on our website. We've been using version 6.0.31 of Fancy Product Designer, and here's what we are trying to achieve:

Objective: We aim to have a Gravity Form displayed alongside the product edit canvas. When a user fills up the form and hits submit, or even while filling up the form, the product displayed in the product designer canvas should dynamically change according to the user input. Essentially, we want to customize the product directly through the form without the need for working with layers.

Previous Attempt: We followed the article titled "Connecting Gravity Form with Fancy Product Designer" hoping it would resolve our problem. However, even after implementing the steps described in the article, our issue remains unresolved. The form displays correctly, and it successfully gets submitted with the product data and form fields, but the live updates on the product designer canvas are not working as expected.

Version Details:

Fancy Product Designer: 6.0.31

Page we are working on:

What we're looking for:

We'd truly appreciate it if anyone in the community could provide some guidance or assistance regarding this integration issue. If you've faced a similar challenge or have successfully integrated Gravity Form with Fancy Product Designer, your insights could be immensely valuable to us.

Specifically, we need help with:

  1. Ensuring real-time updates of the product designer canvas when users input data in the Gravity Form.

  2. Understanding the correct method of customizing the product through the form without relying on layers.

If you have any ideas, solutions, or tips, please do share them with us. Any code snippets, tutorials, or step-by-step guides would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and support! We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this integration hurdle together.

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