Black SVG after update to v6

Posted 12 months ago by Adverti

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After plugin update to v6, there are problems with all my designes where I am using the svg - it was just a simple color line. Now it's not the line but it turned to black background and cover all my design, so nothing is visible. I have hundreds of product...

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Olivia posted 24 days ago

@V.I. The rest of my message was truncated ...

To explain my need to you (which works perfectly in v4.7.9) I sell personalized products, with an SVG pattern (for vector export) and text that my customers modify. They can replace the SVG pattern initially offered on the product with another SVG from the design library.

I've already recoded quite a few things in the plugin to suit my purposes perfectly, but here... I'm at a loss. 

Thank you for your help, how can I contact you directly if you have a few moments to spare?


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Olivia posted 24 days ago

Hi @V.I.

Thank you for your prompt reply !

I opened a ticket on december 2023, got a response from Rhiannon telling me she couldn't recreate the obvious bug and send me a video where she was able to switch the SVG design in the editor with another svg design in the design library

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V.I. posted 25 days ago


hi, it's not a bug, the svg models are made to act as a mask to be able to create upload areas of different shapes, it's a feature implemented after version 6 (I think) and expected by many users to be able to offer clients the opportunity to frame a photo in different shapes (for example a heart shape)

For the upload areas, it is not necessary to use an svg, if that confuses you, you can use a png. If the "exclude in export" switch is activated, it only excludes the upload area if the client has not uploaded a photo. Do you want to receive the upload area for export if the client does not upload a photo?

I can help you with different tips and tricks if you show me a video with a concrete practical example of what you want to create.

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Olivia posted 28 days ago

we are still struggling with svg design.
Just checked on you demo site and the problem remains.

SVG designs act like mask on the initial design instead of replacing it.
when do you think the bug will be fixed ?I'm still using 4.7.9 on my prod website due to this problem.

This functionality is essential for printing professionals, since the SVG format is vector

Also : 

  • when you add an upload zone and uncheck the "exclude in export" toggle, it switch back on when you refresh the page !
  • the reset button doesn't work on the frontend

i attach the video of the simple test i made on your demo page.

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Olivia posted 8 months ago

Hello, I just tested version 6.1.2. The problem is still present and SVG designs still do not work (in particular the replacement functionality in the frontend editor)

This is quite problematic because my use requires this functionality so my customers can switch between the designs and choose the design of their choice and I can export a vector file.

When do you think this bug will be fixed?

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Olivia posted 10 months ago

Same here,
Using SVG designs, so my customers can change the initial design of the product.

Everything works well with 4.7.9, never upgrade since because of this bug :(

I try every release in localhost since 4.7.9 !!!

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Rhiannon Doyle posted 12 months ago Admin

Thank you, we will add a fix to the next update.

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V.I. posted 12 months ago

I have exactly the same problem.

I did tests right on their demo site:

I opened a ticket and sent them a video with examples. But it seems they don't understand or don't watch the video.

Everything is evident in this video:

I ask all those who have this problem to say it here because otherwise they will not solve the problem

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