Black SVG after update to v6

Posted 9 months ago by Adverti

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After plugin update to v6, there are problems with all my designes where I am using the svg - it was just a simple color line. Now it's not the line but it turned to black background and cover all my design, so nothing is visible. I have hundreds of product...

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Olivia posted 4 months ago

Hello, I just tested version 6.1.2. The problem is still present and SVG designs still do not work (in particular the replacement functionality in the frontend editor)

This is quite problematic because my use requires this functionality so my customers can switch between the designs and choose the design of their choice and I can export a vector file.

When do you think this bug will be fixed?

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Olivia posted 7 months ago

Same here,
Using SVG designs, so my customers can change the initial design of the product.

Everything works well with 4.7.9, never upgrade since because of this bug :(

I try every release in localhost since 4.7.9 !!!

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Rhiannon Doyle posted 8 months ago Admin

Thank you, we will add a fix to the next update.

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V.I. posted 8 months ago

I have exactly the same problem.

I did tests right on their demo site:

I opened a ticket and sent them a video with examples. But it seems they don't understand or don't watch the video.

Everything is evident in this video:

I ask all those who have this problem to say it here because otherwise they will not solve the problem

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