Multiple problems with update to Version 6.0.1

Posted 9 months ago by Anna Moyer

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Anna Moyer

I've been happily using fpd on a site that I don't actively update, and the update to v6 has broken some basic features of the plugin for me. First, my old UI had "print" and "download" options, but these were removed during the update. I see how to add them under "actions", but when I click "Save UI" nothing happens and my website doesn't update. Similarly, if I try to rename the UI using save as new, nothing happens when I click OK. The same is true for the save/load module, which is also missing.

Second, I would like to remove the QR code tab as it's not relevant to my site. How do I do this? 

Third, the names of my image categories have text like "&" in them. 

I would really appreciate your help with solving these issues as I wasn't expecting this large update and don't really have time to deal with these problems right now. I've already gotten angry emails from my site's users as they are not able to save and load their product designs. Thanks!!!

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Anna Moyer posted 9 months ago

Hi, is there any update on the "Save UI" issue? When I click the button and look at the error in the console, it says:

ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length')

    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111:153096)

    at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2:3003)

    at e.<computed>.each (jquery.min.js:2:1481)

    at C (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111:152971)

    at g (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111:147040)

    at Object.getLayout (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111:141432)

    at updateUi (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:111:174672)

    at Object.Ie (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:67:16687)

    at ze (ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:67:16841)

    at ui-composer.js?ver=6.0.2:67:36723


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Anna Moyer posted 9 months ago

Another issue is that users can no longer drag images from another browser window or paste them into fpd. Thanks!

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