How to set up limited category item in stock

Posted about 1 year ago by Xiaoan

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I want to set up limited category items in stock, for example, category 1 has item 1, and item 1 only has 10 in stock, if all of them has been used it, then this item 1 will be disable to choose.

How can I do that ?

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Xiaoan posted about 1 year ago

Hello Moeen,

Sorry I mean the design in category, is that possible to manage it by inventory and make it limited ? Because I have tried to use stock management plugin, but it still not working, it seems like the stock management plugin is managing the products, but this is the design in category, these 2 attributes are different.

Or could you please recommend me any plugin which will fit this situation ?



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FPD Helper

FPD Helper posted about 1 year ago

Hello Xiaoan, 

You can any stock management plugin for this. Thanks 

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