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rady kal
rady kal Admin

Bugs fixed

- Product Builder: When selecting printing box it threw an error

- UI Composer: Empty string value for Dynamic Design Modules was causing an error

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rady kal posted 9 months ago Admin

Just released a new update.

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Sue posted 9 months ago

I am facing several issues. I have problems creating product templates. For example, when I add a picture, it is not saved or all the pictures on the same are replaces with the first picture. Also, the designs can no longer be configured properly. If I upload my own designs and want to set thumbnails for each individual element, everything is replaced with the first element. Besides that, I also have all the other problems that have been described.

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Sebatian posted 10 months ago

After the update, the designer no longer opens in the lightbox. Please help me further.

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flax250 posted 10 months ago

I report another problem, with the new updates the functionality to change the 'Name & Number Module' after receiving an order has disappeared.

It was in fact possible to enter the order in Woocommerce from the admin side backend, click on "Load in order viewer", when loading the product the section to edit the list of names and numbers made by the customer would appear and then save the order correctly.

Now only the levels appear, but no longer the module.

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Francesco Cicirello posted 10 months ago

For me the same thing, only that the other plugins don't work with previous version of wordpress

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brett posted 10 months ago

There are more bugs. The shortcode to show products does not work with the latest versions of Wordpress. It shows up blank. If I downgrade to a very old version of WP then it works.

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