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Posted almost 2 years ago by Anton Gartmann

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Anton Gartmann

Is it possible to link template and use over top.

All my products have the same text only the image is different!

But the image is full page and templates are always under the product image!

I would have to recreate each product text ! 

I want to create certificates where you can change the complete text with 6 patterns. 

No everything doesn't help because templates have no categories.

Blunt that such a simple thing does not work.

A4 with changeable text per product manager...

The workload would be 

Create 100 categories

Create 600 products with only 6 identical texts. (In the 600 products link 100 pictures because only text varies 6 times)

Link 600 products with 100 categories (looks bad because categories are not sortable).

Create 100 templates

Link 100 templates to products. (The templates are useless because you can't change the layer and you can't assign them to a category. Templates are always at the bottom which is a disaster for workflow).

In short, it is a disaster for a shop that wants to offer many products with only different texts and A4 sheets.)

The text must be wipeable and not the design.

As I said, I can do it but there are 2000 steps to take.

Custom text is useless because the text has to sit perfectly in one BOX with lots of text formatting.

So the most important thing where you just print A4 as simple as possible works very badly

Only to change the text in a user-friendly way for the customers, you have to create a separate category for each product.

Instead of product view would be better to use than product and category

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Anton Gartmann posted almost 2 years ago

Because categories have a limit, I will now insert several products there, but it is still awkward to display texts differently. 

And that only because templates are not usable for text... they are always displayed under the product image.

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Anton Gartmann posted almost 2 years ago

There is a Limit how much Category you can have

The plugin is unfortunately useless for print companies that simply want to offer 1 image with several texts as a variation. The texts must be completely formatted in a single box and you must be able to switch between the text designs.

It is so simple and yet impossible. One image with several ready texts.

I wanted to solve the problem with categories, but unfortunately there is a limit to how many categories you can create.

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