Managing server space for custom uploaded images, Does offloading work?

Posted almost 2 years ago by Trever Leeson

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Trever Leeson

We get many gbs of customer uploaded images to our server and we have to clear out to not run over server space limits.  When we clear out fancy_products_uploads the customer still has the image in their browser and can place an order.  When they place an order there is no custom image associated with the order, basically an empty reference.  

What is the solution for this?  

Can the custom image be cleared from the customer side(browser)?  

Or maybe we offload the custom uploaded images to S3 or similar using a plugin like WP Offload Media?  Does an offloading plugin even work with FPD and the FPD Print Ready Export?  

Does someone have a better idea on how to handle this?

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