Elements disappear when switching product (Wordpress)

Posted over 1 year ago by Chris Godfrey

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Chris Godfrey

Hey guys!

I'm new to this community so I want to enter saying I love FPD so far, but I've ran into a few issues along the way. Most I've been able to resolve, but this one I've officially hit the wall.

My shop has Christmas cards we do every year for customers and we have a catalogue of templates. I've recreated 2 so far before hitting this issue. Whenever I switch to a different template (swap product), the elements of the second one appear for a second, before disappearing and leaving the elements of the first product behind instead. The only thing that remains is the editable text, and the upload zones. 

Further more, when switching to the different product, the size of the elements changes entirely. (note the example of the white wood texture of the card in image 4 being shrunk down)

When I switch back to the first product, it keeps all of its elements like you'd expect, but certain elements have shrank. 

I've attempted this with products that are the same size, just different images, I've tried it with smaller products like our business cards, etc., it all does the same thing, some of them glitchier than others. What am I doing wrong?

I'm really scratching my heads at this one - I tried searching the forums for a solution but couldn't find anyone having a similar problem. If I can provide further detail, please let me know and I'll happily do so. 

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