Customize Button: Variation Needed doesn't work with Elementor page template

Posted about 2 years ago by Brian Tetrault

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Brian Tetrault

I seem to have everything in order related to working with variable products and a custom single product page template using Elementor and the [fpd] shortcode. 

However, I want the Customize Button to be hidden until a variation is chosen but the setting doesn't work—on or off, the results is the same = the customize button always shows.

The primary issue is in order for this to work, I have to choose a page level FPD product (in this case, just one of the variations), but because the customize button shows no matter what, a customer can click the customize button without choosing a variation first. This just creates confusion when the default designer loads and then a different color variation is selected after the fact. 

Any fix for this?

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