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Posted about 2 years ago by Andrea Pinna

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Andrea Pinna

I would like to use your plugin for the following purposes:

1. is it possible to give the possibility to users to edit A4 files with many pages (example business report)?

2. users should be able to edit only some elements of the file: replace logo and company page headers. so is it possible to upload files made with other programs - save them as PDF - upload them to your editor - lock some elements and leave only those listed in this question available?

3. is it possible to make texts invisible in the user-editable template, and then be able to see them after downloading the file in the last step?

4 is it possible to translate the language of the editor (to Italian)?

5. is it possible to make the use of the editor free to my users?

6. is it possible to receive the edited file from users by email? Anyway, where can I find the file edited and saved by the users?








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gryadn posted about 2 years ago

Is the graphic element just the logo?

Does the pages contain charts, photos, and illustrations?

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