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Some orders not loading in the backend.

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with some orders in the backend. Most of the orders display fine, but a significant portion have an issue where when I press the 'Load in Order Viewer' page scrolls down to the viewer field but nothing happens. No error codes, no messages, nothing. Even the loading animation is missing. I do not use CDN or cashing plugins. I have tried different browsers, devices, image types but failed to recreate the problem myself. I tried to find the images for these orders in the fpd uploads folder on the server but they are missing. Please can you help resolve the issue?

Status and tools> Migrate Images
did you try this?

Gryadn thank you for the response! I have not tried this functionality before. I am not sure how it works. Can you please advise? 

However, now I noticed that "class: imagick" is not installed. Do you think this could be causing the problem?

Class: Imagick
you should fix

you should fix the error

I have allowed this functionality. Orders so far are working fine. Thanks.

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