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Multiple Print Areas on 1 View

Hi I am wanting to be able to have multiple print areas on the one view. 

We have limitations on the size and dimensions we can print but we can also print on multiple parts of our product. E.g. we have a t-shirt that we can print a section on the upper chest and a section on the lower area near the belly. 

We need to be able to show these two print areas on 1 view as if we put it on 2 views they can't see what the final product looks like! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

it may be possible to do this.

Can you add a screenshot or live preview?

Hi Gryadn, 

I would like to keep the Print Area (a) and also add an additional Print Area in (b). 

Thanks for your help

Create 2 upload zones

similar to subsection

Add semi transparent, dashed Line

>Or manually design 2 upload zones

Graph solves a lot of things...

Hi Gryadn, 

Thanks for the response. 

I thought of that but the problem is you can only add 1 element to each upload zone and we need to be able to add multiple :/ 

Sorry I am not sure I understand? Is this in Fancy Product Designer itself, mine looks different?

I made you a quick sketch in PhotoShop

For you to migrate this blueprint to the FPD working state.

Could you send me the file that you created so I can see what it looks like within Photoshop as well? 

Do I then upload it as a png or an svg? 

You should make PNG transparent

There is no file I can send.

Sorry I might be a little slow with this... 

So I have the shirt image, then I create a png image to overlay on-top of the shirt? 

yes, and you open transparent spaces

and do you set the "holes" as the bounding boxes in FPD? When I have done something similar it crops the shirt image to only show in within the bounding box itself. 

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