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Text export doesn't work correctly

I use Google Fonts on my fancy product designer products.

The problem is that the exported pdf files don't have the correct fonts inside them because people can make the google fonts bold or italic. If the font-family does have a bold or italic version then it is not a problem... but most of the google fonts I added don't have that.

So even if the font-family does not have a bold or italic version, customers can still make those fonts bold or italic inside the editor (which shows these adjustments correctly). But inside the pdf it's just a default font because it does not have the correct font available.

How can I solve this? Because I have to manually add the correct font's afterwards.



Add Fonts to Your Computer

Hello gryadn,

That's the things, I do have all the font installed but that is not the problem.

People can make make the fonts italic or bold... and some fonts dont have those inside the font-family. 

So when i recieve the order with a font i HAVE installed allready, it still does not show because it has been adjusted to a version of the font which was not in the font-family.

remove bold, italic buttons
not indesign, quarkxpress

OK thanks, I allready was a bit afraid that would be the solution.

I was hoping the pdf export was possible as a vector instead of the font itself.

How do I turn off the bold/italic options? I have been through all the settings but I can't find it.

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