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Posted about 2 years ago by JulienZak

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Hello everyone, I have a price issue that does not update when adding design.

EX: initial price 15.99e

In the module I can see the price which is updated when I add designs (5e per design so for this exemple: 15.99+5=20.99 )but when I click on "done" this price is not updated on my product page.(still 15.99)

My woo product price setting is set by "This product" 
And when I click on add to cart the price is the good one. (20.99)

How can i set the price on my product page to be automatically update ? 

See some screenshot below. 

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Kate Vee posted 5 months ago

I also have this exact same issue. Anyone found a solution?

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Jonathan posted 6 months ago


I have the exact same issue.

Have you ever found a solution for this ?


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