FPD Woocommerce - Bug with Upload Zones

Posted almost 2 years ago by Ricardo Nuñez

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Ricardo Nuñez


We have noticed a strange bug related to upload zones in our shop. We have an online shop that allows our customers to customize t-shirts, we have restricted our canvas with upload zones to prevent the customers to upload images wherever they want. Each upload zone has a fixed price. This way we have full control of the price and the quantity of images that each customer has to spare. (we bought the price addon but it didnt meet our particular needs, so we went back to basics)

If an user upload an image to an upload zone, the image is limited in that area and its price its calculated, everything works as intended, but here comes the glitch, if the user added the image to the upload zone, then delete that image from the canvas, and select the image immediately afterwards clicking it in the upload module instead of selecting any upload zone, the image is loaded in the canvas again, but this time without any restriction, all the upload zones are bypassed and the price for that image is not calculated.

Anyone has experienced this issue? There is some way to prevent this from happening?

Thanks for your support

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