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Posted about 2 years ago by Ilana Gordon

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Ilana Gordon

Hi Radykal

I have just installed FBD and am testing the first product on a staging site here:

You can login at

However, I will need your email address to create a user for you so that you can view the site.

Here is the first problem I am having right now.  I will submit a separate ticket for the second issue:

I have set a fixed price per view. However, I only want that price to be added to the base price when the user adds an image OR text.  Pricing for this client is per view, not per element.  By default the price is immediately added for each view even if nothing has been added to the shirt.  I found a setting (see attached) that locks the view until the user unlocks it and then adds an image or text. But I feel that that functionality will confuse the user. Is there a way around this? You have MANY settings, so I'm hoping it can be easily solved.

Many thanks


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