How to get fabric.js (image filters) setup correctly and working?

Posted about 2 years ago by Christian Nießing

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Christian Nießing

Hello, I really love FPD and all of it's possibilities. However I've got massive Problems in setting up the advanced editing module especially to make it work on mobile.

Quick explanation: I am running a shop for posters and want the users to be able to change the picture for example to b&w or remove the white of the image. I played with the fabric.js size options several days but none of it seems to work. Either the pasted image is not displayed at all, or when I apply a filter the area is white. And then there is the case that I can apply the filter, but the placed photo then shows only a tiny section. I have also tried to adjust the size to the width or height in the element properties under own images. Unfortunately without success. 

Does this work for someone without problems? I would be willing to pay money for the support, I just have to solve the problem. 

I hope someone can help me.

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