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FPD stop not working

FPD stops working after the update.

I see the issue with the hooks, I tried to follow the instruction but the issue is still there.

Appreciated any help with this.


You updated the theme, isn't it?
For me it looks like a problem with the theme.

No, it wasn’t theme! I created custom product page and the hooks where missing I hired someone and I finally love it!

Same problem for me: Before everything was working but for a few days I have the same errors as you. I tested 3 different themes but still the errors. I do not know what to do

we found out its stop because we had a preview in the cart We now have it off and the plug works like a charm I love it

I haven't changed my theme and it was working a few days ago...

I hired someone to fix problem since we do not get support here.

The problem disappears when I deactivate Elementor Pro. Find out how to fix it...

I temporarily disabled the lightbox which is not working. If the problem is not solvable is it possible to add an anchor so that when we click on the customize button we arrive directly on the designer? Thanks

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