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Posted about 2 years ago by Helena van der Merwe

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Helena van der Merwe

 Good day.

I am playing around on the demo version of FPD, and have a question.

We do Vinyl prints, which means that we only have specific colours that our clients can choose from. Is there a way to de-activate the colour picker completely, and only have a list of predefined colours to choose from? I want to remove the colour picker completely, so that they don't have the option to even play around with it.

I have gone to the design, disabled the colour picker and have set palette with our colours, but after saving, and going to the shop, reloading the page, and trying to change the colour, the colour picker is still visible, and you can use it without any issues.

If this function is not able to deactivate, then I will have A LOT of clients who will be very unhappy, cause if they select maroon, and we can only do red, then they will be unsatisfied.

I really hope someone will be able to answer my question, as this is so far the only function that is stopping me from buying FPD for our website, so far everything else seems to be perfect.

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