My 3D preview is not displayed

Posted over 2 years ago by Vincent Segaert

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Vincent Segaert


I've upload my own 3D object. You can see in my screenshot : my object and my material are named "custom".

Here my json :


 "id": "insulated",

 "name": "Insulated",

 "print_area": {

  "width": 225,

  "height": 210


 "camera_z": 25,

    "base_material_metalness": 1,

    "base_material_roughness": 0.1


But in my product personnalisation page there is no 3D preview. If I set your 3D can the preview is displayed.

What not mine ? Thanks

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Tiago Alexandre Sil Lapa Lapa posted over 1 year ago

what is the name of the fbx file you uploades on FPD_3D folder?

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Bruno Passos posted almost 2 years ago

Did you solve this issue? I have the same problem here.

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