Best File-type and resolution for pre-designed templates

Posted over 2 years ago by arles

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Hi there,

i wonder if anybody can tell me what is the best file-type for using own pre-designed templates. 

I want to create templates like background where the customer  only can paste his name for example. To get the highest print-ready design after export i thought to upload the templates as a PDF-file from illustrator with settings for "high quality print". Since i have some problems uploading PDF files to the product builder i wonder if a JPEG-File or PNG-File with a resolution of 300 dpi would do it as well. Or will it be compressed automatically and i am losing the resolution ?

Opening the Designer in front-end shows me the image not really the sharpest and if i click on it to download it, i can see the resolution has decreased to 72 dpi. But maybe its only for the preview and the print-ready file will not be compressed.

Does anybody know ?

Best Regards

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Johan posted almost 2 years ago

Same (and good) question for me. Really important to know before buying.

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