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Posted over 2 years ago by Dan Brown

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Dan Brown


I have been using FPD years ago, had to remove it because of security issues. Hoping that it has gotten better, I have set up a new website and installed the latest FPD version again (wordpress - woocommerce).

However, I am having trouble setting up a product. I remember having problems back then and I see that this not-intuitive-hard-to-use-stuff has not changed. I had hoped to find a step-by-step guide, some tutorial, some guiding. Couldn't find any. Anyway, I have created a product (FDP). It forces me to add a view, so I have added it. And changed a few settings. 

I have then added a product (woo) and selected FPD "product" for it (right column). When I look at the shop now, it shows a product with FDP canvas inside. So far so good. Now to the problems. I think I just dont understand the logic behind the whole plugin. Could someone please put me in the right direction?

First, there is no price, no number of items, no put-into-cart button. Why not? Where to enable this? Where do I setup the calculation of prices? Because they depend on what the customer chooses via FPD. Size, number of colors, etc. How can I set this up?

Second, the canvas looks like the standard FPD screen with all the buttons and options. I dont want this. I need ONLY text, no images, no uploads, no front side, no back side. Just plain text. So I have added an UI using the UI Layout composer. But there is no option for a product (woo) or product (FPD) to set it to - this does not make sense?!

Third, how can I let the user choose a size of the text? Scaling some letters oon the monitor has NO meaning. What does "Font size 1" mean? Millimeter? Points? Meters? There must be a field showing how big the stuff is when the customer makes changes because this has high impact on pricing. How can this be done?

Any help is appreciated.


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