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Elementor/Elementor Pro Compatability

This plugin needs to be compatible with a common page builder like Elementor & Elementor Pro.

It is not and support needs to fix this so that we stop having so many bugs. 

What does "to be compatible" mean for you?

I use Elementor Pro and FPD, and there are no compatibility issues.

What versions of Elementor Pro and FPD are you on? 

We were using a basic setup of things with the most recent software and it wouldn't work. It wouldn't load the image in the backend of the site and show what image went with which order. 

We reached out to support and they said they wouldn't fix the compatibility issue. 

Hi, I'm on
Elementor Pro 3.5.2
Hello Elementor Theme with some custom changes
Fancy Product Designer 4.7.3

Maybe, your problem is on the server side or a theme issue.
Also, did you try to disable plugins step-by-step?

Not server or a theme issue. 

FPD works fine when Elementor Pro is disabled. That was the only plugin that FPD conflicts with that caused it to break after thorough troubleshooting. 

Elementor+FPD is compatible.

Your build may be set up incorrectly.

we can help you.

How would you troubleshoot? 


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