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Immediate color picker option

I'd like to propose a feature request for the FPD color picker, which will improve the UX.

A quick introduction: there are elements where you want to enable different customization options, like being able to move it, change the color, change the text etc.
For some elements, though, there is only one option available: to change the color.

Current situation: when the user clicks on an editable element, the toolbar opens up. If the user wants to change the color, he has to click on the paint bucket. Then, the color picker is visible and he can choose a color. After choosing the color, the user has to go back via the "<- menu" button, or click outside the color picker. Therefore, the user has to click 4 times to change the color of one element. It's inconvenient and can be very confusing, especially on mobile, which is the main device nowadays.

Desired situation: you (the admin) should find a setting on each element, where you can enable "immediately open color picker" or "color picker element" . If you enable it, the color picker should directly be opened when the user clicks on that element. 
If the user chooses a color on the color picker, the color picker should ALWAYS be closed directly.

Best regards


Therefore we have the plus addon with the color selection panel, which can be displayed next or inside the designer. This will help you to focus on main elements with color options and the user can change it with one click.


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